Who We Are

Suncoast Equipment Finance is a national equipment finance company with over 30 years cumulative experience working for its customers. We offer commercial financing programs for all types of equipment and all types of businesses within the 50 states and Canada. We understand it is a competitive world and you need every advantage to succeed, which is why we have set up many types of finance programs to fit any business.  Whether you are a business looking to finance equipment or a business who sells equipment, we can help.

We aim to provide excellent customer service to both vendors and end users with our ultimate goal to provide the best tailor made
financing options to achieve your business goals.

How We Are Different

• Deal size $3,000.00 to multi-million dollar transactions

• Financing for start-up companies with the best payment in the industry

• Large credit window to give all credit types a chance for credit approval and at a good payment (While traditional Banks are shrinking their credit window)

• Tailored programs to meet your companies goals – we listen and try to do everything we can to meet your companies goals


Leasing/Financing Conserves Capital  Growing, competitive companies need all the capital they can generate.  With leasing, cash is not tied up in equipment equity.  With no sizable down payment and small fixed monthly lease payments, leasing frees the capital businesses need to compete in today’s markets.

Convenience  This is the number one reason customers lease/finance equipment. It is usually offered by the equipment supplier so they do not have to arrange financing with a bank or convince a capital budget committee to spend the cash.

Expand Your Budget  If your budget doesn’t provide for a substantial capital outlay, our services offer affordable monthly payments can mean the difference between obtaining the equipment and productivity improvements now… or waiting for next year’s budget.

Transfer Ownership Risk / Obsolescence are Obsolete  Acquire the usage of equipment while the Lessor assumes the risks and uncertainties of ownership, especially with rapidly changing technology.  If equipment trends or your business needs reduce the function or value of the equipment, it’s the Lessor - not the customer - who takes the risk.

Upgrade Flexibility  Cash purchases, or bank financing, lock you in while leasing enables you to upgrade during the lease term.

Additional Source of Credit  Existing bank credit lines remain available for short-term needs, such as inventory peaks, trade discounts, rising operating costs, and unplanned expenses.  Since leasing may not increase your debt, you may be able to increase your borrowing capacity.

Leasing Includes Cost of Acquisition  Your lease payments can also include the costs of delivery, installation, and other service charges.

Hedge Against Inflation  Tomorrow’s dollar may not have today’s purchasing power.  It makes sense to use tomorrow’s cheaper dollars to pay for today’s new equipment.

Payment Amount is Fixed  Payments remain constant, which can simplify budget projections.  Bank loan payments may increase as interest rates rise.

Matches Benefits and Costs  By paying for the usage of the equipment, customers match the timing of the cash outlays with the benefits of usage.

End of Term Flexibility  Leasing gives the options of returning the equipment to the Lessor, lease new equipment, continue leasing the equipment, or purchase the equipment.

Tax Advantages  You may be able to take advantage of tax breaks utilizing Section 179 of the Internal Revenue Code. This tax rule allows you to deduct a certain dollar amount each year from qualified equipment purchases.