It's easy to partner with Suncoast Equipment Finance

We want to be an extension of your sales force by providing your customers with the best opportunity to buy your equipment. Offering a finance option to your customers increases the chance of a sale by giving your customers another way to purchase your equipment.

What we offer

• Application only approvals up to $250,000.00

• New business approvals up to $35,000.00

• Lease and loan options

• Pre-funding available

• Large credit window to approve all types of credit qualities

• Overnight or ACH funding

• Unmatched customer service—we want to make sure you can get a hold of a live voice as soon as possible

• Customized marketing materials, applications – we want to be an extension of you, so anything you need we will work with you to provide

The Benefits of Promoting Financing Solutions for Your Equipment Sales

Suncoast Equipment Finance is your partner in closing sales!

Close Sales Easier and Faster
• Promote payment not price.  A low monthly payment is often more appealing to a customer than a total purchase price.
• Financing increases control of the sales process and shortens the selling cycle.
• Financing allows customers to add additional equipment and accessories they may not wish to purchase outright with cash, giving them a higher return on their valuable business capital.
• Financing Support Software is available.  The special program helps salespeople with calculating lease rates, generating lease proposals and much more.

Open New Sales Opportunities
• Obtaining equipment and services on a fixed payment schedule helps customers work within even the tightest of budgets.
• Suncoast Equipment Finance offers unique lease programs structured to fit the specific payment and purchase option needs of your customer.
• Financing may be structured to include non-equipment costs i.e. shipping, installation.

Reap the Benefit of Repeat Sales
• Financing makes it easier for your customers to acquire, upgrade, and add on to existing equipment as their needs change and grow, promoting your sales growth.
• Suncoast Equipment Finance will provide you with advance lease termination reports that alert you to future sales opportunities.

Improve Your Cash Flow
• Suncoast Equipment Finance pays you promptly!  You receive payment within hours of Suncoast Equipment Finance receiving signed lease documentation and customer's confirmation of equipment installation.
• Suncoast Equipment Finance offers Electronic Funds Transfer "EFT".  Since funds are typically available the next business day, EFT allows your money to go to work for you immediately.

Dedicated and Experienced Sales and Marketing Support
• Suncoast Equipment Finance makes it our business to know your business and marketplace.
• With over 30 years of experience, Suncoast Equipment Finance has earned the reputation for superior customer service to our vendors and leasees.

Enjoy the Benefits of Technology and Flexibility
• Suncoast Equipment Finance is dedicated to maintaining it's position at the forefront of ever-changing technology, helping you increase sales and stay competitive.